BLOG-Fitness Journey#Part 2

After a short stint at Daves gym I finally left my hometown of 20+ years and moved to yorkshire to save for travelling with my partner at the time.

If im being honest I always had a love for Cardiff and hated the thought of leaving but new adventures awaited me.


After a year of working 4 jobs and training 3-5 times a week in between learning handstand in the kitchen of David Lloyd and voluntarily lifting any heavy object in sight my body was changing.

being obsessed with getting massive I had gone from a skinny 9st weakling to a slightly bigger 13.5 st Although I never felt big enough so I continued smashing down tins of tuna as snacks drinking weird and wonderful protein shakes, taking every supplement under the sun, obsessing about every stupid variable like eating garlic to raise testosterone and if I mix coffee and creatine will it counter the effects, reading every article that agreed with what I wanted to do.

In summary I was a boring T**T who lived to eat and get massive the kinda guy I avoid talking to in the gym now.

So when the “big” guys in the gym seem to think im not massive enough to give them advice I think screw you I know the struggle I just choose to get a PB on my Deadlift or Do a full ROM pull up instead of Breaking the world record for most Grunts during a Set of Bicep swings or pulling my top up after every set of Skull Krushers to see if my abs have grown.

That wasnt meant to come out so much like a rant :/ #sorrynotsorry

I was finally ready to travel but one thing dawned on me…how am I going to train without fancy machines and heavy weights. It was always niggling at me and I couldn’t exactly bring a kettlebell on as hand luggage.

I bought the complete guide to Core stability which I still have and think are great little Reference books for beginners and PTs go

not having much access to tablets or instant access to apps I had  to take a few books on fitness and bodyweight training and my trusty skipping rope this was the first step in my discovery of the joys of Bodyweight training.



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