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Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend is back!

If you’re an existing client and you refer a friend you will get a FREE session when they book a 6 or 12 week program. Not only that, but your friend will also get 10% off their block booking.

And the offer isn’t just for the month, it’s for all time!

Refer a Friend is back for good!
back for good




Anybody get that reference?

Moving on…


March Newsletter

March Newsletter

Happy Saint David’s Day & welcome to theHappy St. David's Day first proper newsletter! Each month I’ll be looking to fill you in on what’s been going on, what’s in store for the upcoming month and all kinds of offers we’ve got going on. If there’s anything else you’d like to see then just let me know.

March Offer: Refer a Friendrefer_a_friend2

First things first, this month’s offer has landed. If you’re an existing client and you refer a friend you will get a FREE session when they book a 6 or 12 week program. Not only that, but your friend will also get 10% off their block booking.

This offer will run for March, expiring 1st April.

Social Media

Since the completion of the website, I’ve speechtaken a little time to get my face onto various social media sites. You can find my mug on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Lots of fitness videos, photos and news going on as well as client progress and stories so keep up to date and don’t miss out. Plus there are cats. Lots of cats.


I’ve begun blogging about my fitness journey: what got me into fitness; how I got to where I am now and where I’d like to go in the future. Here’s a taster, click to read more if you like.

Blog: My Fitness Journey – Part 1

My first attempts at fitness were purely vanity driven. I was a 17 year old watching Kung Fu movies and Dragonball which just made me want to train. Being skinny and feeling unnoticed, I wanted to “get big” which I was sure would solve my plethora of confidence issues. I joined the Hilton gym in Cardiff with my best friend and set about lifting weights  – poorly – reading articles from Men’s Health and training chest and biceps every day, all on my diet consisting of of Jack Daniels and cheese…[read more]

Fitness Class: HIIT & Flex

HIIT & Flex Fitness Class

Join us every Tuesday at 6pm for HIIT & Flex at Llanfoist Village Hall

HIIT & Flex involves a warm up, leading on to some High Intensity Interval Training, followed by a thorough, stretch-based cool down focusing on flexibility. A really varied class, with something different every week, but always guaranteed an effective and invigorating workout.

All ages, abilities and fitness levels are welcome, though if you do have any injuries or if you are unsure whether it’ll be for you then please call or email to discuss.

Please do share and come down. See you there!

HIIT & Flex


February Deal: 10% off!

Now that the website is up and running we have a sweet little deal for you.

Sign up to the mailing list – which coincidentally means you’ll be first to hear about offers, savings and news – and you will get 10% off any service booked in February!

hand point

To sign up to the mailing list just enter your email address in the box to the left hand side of this post. Easy as that.

Also, keep a look out for some new posters up around the area, and don’t forget to tell your friends!