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Couldn’t recommend Dave enough! Sessions are always different so i can never get bored, he’s always so encouraging and really makes an effort to understand your mindset and make lifestyle changes rather than just drop weight quickly! He is so passionate about his job, has so much knowledge and definately cares about your results, not just weight wise but how you feel. And you can always rely on the cats to cheer you on


“Highly recommended! Sessions are varied which is great, you work hard but the variety helps. David is really encouraging and wants to understand your goals. I like the additional at home workouts I can do and that I don’t need any equipment to do these. I feel fitter and stronger after a few months; additional nutrition/diet advice is also sensible and informative. Also feel more confident to try exercises out of my comfort zone – the Tuesday class is a good chance to do this”

– Carys, Abergavenny

“I’ve been with Dave for the last couple of months – I already feel toned, fitter and stronger (despite only averaging 1/2 sessions per week due to my busy schedule)
Dave always keeps the classes varied and interesting for me and has a wealth of anatomy and physiology knowledge together with great diet advice.
Would recommend”

– Rian, Llanfoist

“Currently having fitness sessions and going great, along side a healthy low calorie diet I’ve lost 9lb in 5-6 weeks and my fitness levels have increased. Totally recommend Dave in fact I’ve already passed on his number to friends.”

– Gemma, Raglan

“Dave is really motivating and I feel as if I have achieved something after each session. Previously had no confidence when I came to exercising but following a gastric sleeve operation Dave is really helping me achieve my goals. Highly recommended.”

– Bernice, Llanfoist

“Get Dave to do some Pad and Gloves with you if you want a proper workout.”

– Huw, York

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